Advanced data analysis and automation tools to improve demand forecasting, consumption visibility, supply generation and enable predictive maintenance of assets used in power generation and transmission.

Smart Energy Metering

  • Automated metering and insights platform for power distribution companies to connect all digital meters working on Modbus interface to a centralized cloud. 
  • Aggregated and individual meter wise energy consumption reports, segmentation of Low / High / Medium energy consuming households.
  • Alarms for power outages, connectivity issues, unexpected threshold breaches.
  • Real time information on Voltage, Current, KWH parameters.
  • Integration with meter data management systems.

Distribution Transformer Monitoring

  • SaaS solution that provides accurate supervision of distribution transformer parameters along with their health status.
  • Converts each simple transformer into an intelligent unit with continuous view of asset conditions
  • User defined reporting dashboards 

Extracting value from sub-station feeders and distribution transformers

Analytics solution for energy and utility companies that offers applications and capabilities to help improve asset maintenance and utilization