“To create ecosystems that are always and truly connected”


Arijit Biswas, CEO
Rahul Singh Thakur, CTO
Rahul Anand, CDO
Rakesh Raushan, VP Delivery
Nikhil Mehta, VP Engineering
Dr. B.C Jayprakash, Head Oil & Gas
Priyank, Snr, Embedded Engineer
Sushant, Back End Developer
Lalit, Full Stack Developer
Sagar, Snr. Data Scientist
Apoorv, Data Science Engineer
Ashok, Full Stack Developer
Aditya, Mobile App Developer

Mentors & Advisers

Rajiv Sharma, Ex CEO Airtel
Dr. D S N Raju, Ex Director Geo Science, ONGC
Juergen Hase, CEO UNLIMIT