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All-in-One Platform

Our platform helps you securely extract, normalize, ingest, analyse and manage data from multiple sources all at one place

EnrichAI Agent

We provide C, C++, Java and Python SDKs which has in-built support for all leading protocols to securely connect your device to our cloud server. All messages sent from the device are encrypted as per the standards mentioned by oneM2M.

EnrichAI Cloud

Access all your devices remotely. Communicate with your team in real-time and define new KPIs. Monitor efficiency of your devices and increase productivity. Combining stores of historical data with the type of real-time data available through connected devices gives decision-makers the capability to set impact course correction action plans.

EnrichAI Wisdom

Edge Analytics | Realtime Analytics | Predictive Analytics

Our platform provides three out of the box analytics solutions to cater to all of your needs. While Edge suite runs at the device level, Real-time & Predictive suite runs on the cloud. All suites support Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence models. Models can be customized as per your needs. However we strongly recommend to use Predictive suite's asynchronous feature for higher analytics use cases.

Remote Equipment Monitoring

Cloud based application provides flexibility to monitor the current health and production stats of every device from millions of miles away.

Events Forecast

Analytics engine predicts the ‘unknown’ from the ‘known’ by correlating internal device parameters with external data sources.

Realtime Notifications

Seamless integration with email, sms or chat services along with in-app notifications to enable immediate actions remotely.

Contextual Recommendation

Benchmarking of device parameters with prescribed standards happen in real time and appropriate status notifications are sent to the user.

Interactive Dashboards

Summary of events and parameter changes are presented to customers for a single equipment or multiple equipment over a historic time window.

Root Cause Analysis

Intuitive fault analysis tool classifies data and evidence and captures it along a timeline of events up to the final failure. Root cause parameters, events, triggers are flagged in the tool for providing future alerts.

Customized Web/Mobile Applications

Our dedicated team of developers will work with your around the clock to design and develop enterprise grade web and mobile applications catering to specific business needs.