VisionAI surpasses the power of the human eye by training your computers to replicate the human vision system. The technology not only enables digital devices for your business, such as face detectors, QR Code Scanners, but also helps identify and process objects in images and videos, just like us humans.

VisionAI will help you capture visual data and intelligently process it at the edge or in cloud servers to consolidate and extract insights from multiple video capturing sources, and give key decision makers actionable inputs in a timely manner. By highlighting exceptional events for attention to safety and security, VisionAI offers intelligent video analytics solutions to a host of businesses and industries for better operational efficiency.

Smart Farming


VisionAI offers a complete ecosystem of AI-based applications that enable superior video intelligence that can be scaled across locations with ease. From image segmentation to object detection, facial recognition, edge detection, and image classification, VisionAI brings endless possibilities for businesses across industries.

The neural networks for VisionAI are able to easily distinguish between different pieces of an image and identify the model of subcomponents with much more accuracy than the normal human eye, or even traditional image monitoring systems. Through quick and precise identification of an object, VisionAI can help in data extraction that offers insights to enhance safety, optimize surveillance, and suggest optimized resourcing for higher operational efficiency.


Our systems ensure safety through real-time monitoring of restricted or forbidden zones, and immediately alert users to any breach or anomaly. Safety alerts in the services also include, overcrowding alerts, detection of fallen objects or persons, intrusion alert through monitoring premise perimeters and activating instant response to unprecedented safety situations. • Abandoned Object detection

In addition to this, our solutions will also help you with a thorough analysis of your operations, by giving you data-based inputs on adherence of activities by staff, and adept resource monitoring systems, which will ultimately ensure higher operational efficiencies.

Food Security

Smart Farming


  • Edge AI Server : This enables Video Compression, NVIDIA GPU support, deployment of AI Recipes for different use cases. This allows for scaling upto any number of video sources.
  • Video Intelligence Engine : This handles all of the aspects associated with the training of Computer Vision models, including creation of datasets, annotation of data, definition of training parameters and the subsequent running of the models.
  • Pre Built Modules for specific use cases : Independent microservices, which can be enabled based on need to trigger alerts for specific events such as Face Detection, Face Recognition, Object detection, Fire detection, Object Counting, PPE detection etc. They can be configured per the video source.


  • Live video feed interface .
  • Deployment in cloud or on premise.
  • Restricted/Forbidden zones breach alerts.
  • Abandoned Object detection.
  • Footfall/Dwell time/ Density Analysis.
  • Activity detection such as Fall, Motion, Kneeling.
  • AI models can be trained to detect customer specific activities in a min. of 7 days.
  • Compliance Monitoring such as hairnet detection, excessive phone usage.
  • Demography classifier to identify age and gender of detected faces.

Food Security

Smart Farming


  • Retail Stores will be better positioned to understand the flow of customers in their store, along with distribution across demographics, to allocate resources more efficiently.
  • Security Companies will be able to offer added value to customers through intelligent video analytics insights, on top of the existing installed CCTV camera infrastructure.
  • Administrators of Smart Cities will be able to receive automated alerts during any breaches, anomalies, threats, overcrowding and take timely and precise data-driven actions.
  • Hospitality Industry will be better able to ensure safety and hygiene compliances, and monitor any anomaly or irregularity in process, thus enhancing their services and customer experience.