Benefit your revenues by being associated with Cumulocity’s advanced ecosystem of system integrators. EnrichAI will help you develop business-centric solutions on Cumulocity, and lead your business towards growth with integration of SoftwareAG analytics tools. All our services cut across all the pillars of the platform.

We have helped integrate more than 50 devices, supported over 20 OEMs, and developed more than 10 vertical specific pre-built solutions for our clients across industries.

Smart Farming


  • Flexible agent deployment: Both from the device side, and server side
  • Protocols supported: We support all common industrial protocols, including HTTPs, TCP, UDP, MQTT, BLE, MQTT, ModBus, Profibus, LWM2M, and Smart Rest
  • Network Support: GPRS(2G)/WCDMA(3G)/ LTE(4G)/ LTE-M1/ NB-IoT/LoRaWAN/ Zigbee/ Wirepas/ RF Mesh/ BLE Mesh
  • Devices Integrated: We have integrated 50+ devices across Telematics, Utility Metering, CCTV Cameras, Indoor and Outdoor tracking, and condition monitoring.


API gateway: We deliver customized use cases by binding Cumulocity Rest APIs and transforming the Cumulocity domain models (Managed Object, Events, Alarms, Operations, Audit Logs, Inventory) for Custom Solution Requirements. The API gateway serves as an entry path for Custom Solutions and is fully responsible for Authorization and Security Aspects.

Real Time Analytics Service: Our solutions dynamically analyze the incoming near-real-time data, and transform it into relevant actions such as Events, Alarms and Operations.

Aggregator services: Our solutions support Batch/Scheduled Analytics on the Events/Measurements observed to define data for the Custom Use Case derived KPIs and Analytics.

Third Party integrations: Our solutions support seamless integration of third party systems such as SAP, CRM, SMS Gateway, Email Gateways, among others, over REST or SOAP Protocols.

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Smart Farming


Widgets: Get interactive, off-the-shelf and customized widgeting for Cumulocity-based solutions, using Microservice APIs or Cumulocity Rest APIs.

Graphs: Get deeper insights with real-time and historical graphs for measurements sent by devices.

Charts: Receive various visual support in form of charts for real-time and derived measurement/events.

Custom Reports: Get dynamic configuration of custom reports using aggregation and logic driven APIs.

Custom Alarms: Receive support for custom alarms like Geofence, Threshold-based alerts, or any other analytics-driven alarms.

Self-Serviceable Dashboard: Work on an intuitive, custom web dashboard design to onboard any IoT use case. Our dashboards are easy to understand and use, have dynamic API-driven SVG support for better visualization of data, and support custom user role.

Android and iOS apps: Our solutions can be plugged into both Android and iOS platforms. Mobile applications help the Cumulocity-based IoT solutions to be remotely monitored and operated.



APAMA: Get real-time, event processing solutions, using Event Processing Language (Apama EPL). Some of the typical real-time analytics use cases include:

  • Operating Device based on Real-time Measurement/Events.
  • Data Validation that can be handled by Apama CEP for garbage data sent by IoT Devices.
  • Generating derived data from events and measurements performed.
  • Aggregation of data for time range.
  • Sending notifications such as emails or SMS, based on events or alarms.
  • Compression of data by reducing its frequency.
CEP (Esper): Gain capabilities for complex event processing with our solutions that have a backward compatibility with Esper base, Cumulocity Event Processing (CEP)

Big Data

  • Hadoop integration using Data Hub to optimize your data architecture.
  • Data Lake based visualization using BI tools for super-fast data discovery.
  • Deployment of Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning ML models such as Tensorflow and PyTorch to create prototypes, production models, and for scalability.
  • Dreamio integration that will turbocharge your business intelligence and data science teams with direct queries.

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Smart Farming


Adopt DevOps to your organization and increase your agility and scalability. We support both Cloud, as well as on-premise deployment, along with scaling and maintenance of Cumulocity’s platform, to help businesses with -

  • Provisioning.
  • Deployment.
  • Scaling.
  • Security.
  • Integrations with systems such as Ericsson DCP and CISCO Jasper.
  • Performance testing.


Here is a comprehensive guide to all the vertical solutions we have developed on the Cumulocity Platform.


All the clients who have benefitted from our services.

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